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Honorary Consul Mr. Arto Artinian to promote the Armenian Pen

August 13, 2015

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Armenia to the Kingdom of Thailand Mr. Arto Artinian met with the Co-Founder of the Armenian Pen project Mr. Dikran Tchablakian at the Consulate of the Republic of Armenia in Bangkok to discuss the promotion of the limited edition Armenian Pen during the events organized for the 2015 Armenian National Day Celebrations in Bangkok.

The Armenian Pen, more specifically the Erebouni Edition was auspiciously donated to Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican, on April 12, 2015 after the Vatican Mass commemorating the centenary of the Armenian Genocide. The Erebouni Edition of the Armenian Pen is a commemorative, skillfully ornamented, high-end collectors pen made with Armenian motifs and elaborate handwork portraying national, religious and cultural Armenian symbols.

The Armenian Pen has also been gifted to Charles Aznavour and has been exhibited at various prestigious and prominent locations. Made by the well-known Montegrappa Italian pen manufacturer the collection consists of three main variants; The Hokevor, the Haverj and the Kragan.

Following the review and appraisal of the Armenian Pen concept, packaging and accompanying memorial book about “Rebirth Towards Eternity”, and further discussions about the Raison D’Etre of creating a general awareness about Armenian culture and history, Honorary Consul Mr. Arto Artinian assured Mr. Dikran Tchablakian that the Armenian Pen will be promoted to the Armenian Community of Thailand, the Thai and Expat communities affiliated with Armenian circles as well as to the esteemed high-level Consulate guests throughout the events encompassing the forthcoming 2015 Armenian National Day celebrations in Bangkok, Thailand.

Photos of H.H. Pope Francis and H.E. Mr. Charles Aznavour courtesy of

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