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Armenia marked the 25th Anniversary of its Independence

September 21, 2016

Yerevan, 21 September, 2016

25 years after its Declaration of Independence, initially adopted on the 23rd of August 1990, ensued by the unanimous public referendum and the decision by the Supreme Council of Armenia to secede from the USSR, the Republic of Armenia marked its Independence Day with a triumphant military parade.

As a biblical nation with a nascent statehood, the 25th Anniversary is certainly a cause for joy, pride, reflection and patriotic fete for the 3 million citizens of the Republic of Armenia as well as the 7 million Armenians of the Diasporan communities spread throughout five continents and in diverse destinations as the Kingdom of Thailand, Singapore, Australia, the Middle East, Russia, France, UK, Italy, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay as well as numerous other countries.

Pertinent to the current geopolitical realities and the regional socio-economic challenges encapsulating Armenia, an objective assessment of the past 25 years gives all Armenians the deliberation and impetus to persevere in their struggle towards finding a peaceful path for resolving regional conflicts, as well as to pursue a viable, unbiased and lasting solution for the Artsakh conflict.

Furthermore, the recent nods by the Pope and the Bundesrat resonates the necessity to continue the campaign for the universal recognition of the Armenian Genocide, paving a course for restitution and prosperity for the Republic of Armenia, strengthening further the bond between the citizens of Armenia and their brethren of the Armenian communities of Diaspora.

The challenges for the years ahead are palpable. Inevitability, the entire Armenian nation is well aware of its commitment to preserve its Independent and Democratic homeland, aspiring to safeguard the virtuous Armenian national values, conserving its ancient culture and glorious history, notwithstanding occasionally, a continued struggle to overcome adverse geopolitical turmoils.

Happy 25th Anniversary to the Republic of Armenia.

Department of Consular Affairs
Consulate of the Republic of Armenia
Kingdom of Thailand

Last modified: August 15, 2022

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