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Pan-Asian Armenian Gathering in Bangkok, January 10, 2015

January 11, 2015


For Immediate Release 

Bangkok – 10 January 2015

Hong Kong  – 10 January 2015

Singapore – 10 January 2015 

2015 Pan-Asian Armenian Gathering in Bangkok

Under the benefaction of His Grace Bishop Haigazoun Najarian, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Australia and New Zealand and Pontifical Legate of All Armenians in India and the Far East, His Excellency Mr. Gegham Gharibjanian, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Armenia to the United Arab Emirates and the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Armenia to the Kingdom of Thailand, Mr. Arto Artinian, the Pan-Asian Armenian Community of Far East Asia gathered to celebrate Christmas and marked the beginning of the Genocide Centenary year in Bangkok.

On Sunday the 10th of January 2015, the Consulate of the Republic of Armenia to the Kingdom of Thailand organized a Holy Mass; Badarak at Christchurch, Convent Road and then the community gathering at the Grand Hyatt Erawan where the Far East Asian Armenian community members enjoyed and exchanged traditional Christmas well wishes. 

More than 80 Armenians residents of Thailand and Far East Asia were present during the gathering.

The Holy Mass which was shepherded with the spiritual verve of His Grace Bishop Najarian and Deacon Sarkis Tarakjian, “nurtured souls” as one of the notable Armenians noted; “listening to Sourp Sourp and Hayr Mer being recited in a new location; Bangkok and in a relatively new Armenian community of the Diaspora, fills me with new understandings of life… It shows simply our persistent willingness to feel and practice our Armenian traditions wherever we are”.

Following the Holy Mass His Grace Bishop Najarian delivered his speech saying “Our Church has been the firm guardian of our existence and our progress as individuals, as family, as a community and as a whole nation. It is our obligation to stretch our roots back into our faith because the Armenian Church has been instrumental in shaping our history and during upheavals it has held the responsibility to guide our nation and overcome many difficulties. Continuing his remarks for the momentous 100th centenary year of the Armenian Genocide His Grace Bishop Najarian questioned: “Where are we now, and where are we heading?” and elaborated that it is of paramount importance that we search “within” and find our path towards finding our own solutions, strengthening our own national bonds, building and consolidating our own national solidarity to overcome difficulties and find collective justice.   

The community gathering followed at the Grand Hyatt Erawan, the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Armenia to the Kingdom of Thailand Mr. Arto Artinian welcomed  the guests with traditional Armenian Christmas greetings and appreciated everyone for being present and sharing the festive occasion together and lauded the Far East Asian Armenian communities’ willingness to keep the inter-communal communications and collaborations integral, to share the dialogues throughout South East Asia and stay connected, as a regionally spread Armenian community but united as one entity. Continuing his remarks, Mr. Arto Artinian emphasized that two fundamental pillars have shaped us as a nation throughout our history, our convictions towards our faith and our linkage towards our motherland; Armenia which shelters our national culture and identity, and further elaborated by saying we can confront and overcome many contemporary and impending issues by focusing and committing ourselves more to these two essential pillars.

2015 marks the centenary of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated during the Ottoman Empire and denied by the successive Turkish regimes thereof. The Armenian communities around the world are protesting the 100 years of injustice towards the unrecognized and unpunished crimes against humanity by taking part in the #2015RTAG “I Remember and Demand” Recognize The Armenian Genocide 1915 – 2015 global campaign. Honorary Consul Mr. Arto Artinian invited the guests to remember and respect the memory of the 1.5 million victims of the Armenian Genocide with a moments’ solemn silence whilst holding up the #2015RTAG placards in “Remembrance” and in “Demand”.      

Mr. Artinian subsequently invited His Excellency Mr. Gegham Gharibjanian, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Armenia to the United Arab Emirates to deliver his thought of the day to the guests. The authoritative diplomat who upholds the status of the Republic of Armenia in such high echelons filled the stage with his reassuring yet very intimate persona and shared his erudite thoughts with thorough finesse and composed intellect. He urged Armenians to foster closer ties with every aspect of the Armenian nationhood particularly with homeland Armenia and its leadership, in order to see a stronger Armenia and an invigorated national dynamic. As a progressive traditionalist for protecting national values, Ambassador Gharibjanian emphasized the imminence of support to the Republic of Armenia’s leadership specially during such a momentous year for the benefit of the entire Armenian nation, raising his voice, his passion and the audiences’ toasts to the President of the Republic of Armenian His Excellency Serzh Sargsyan. 

During the evening, Mrs Armine Hakopyan and her husband Mr. Len Wicks who is from New Zealand presented the book written by Mr Wicks titled Origins : Discovery and presented individual autographed copies to His Grace Bishop Najarian and H.E. Ambassador Gharibjanian.  Moreover the President of Chinahay community  Mr. Henri Arslanian who is a resident of Hong Kong and was attending the gathering on behalf of the Armenian Community of China also took to the stage to and conveyed his thoughts and appreciation for the event, updated the guests on the recent accomplishment of the Chinahay community and handed Mr. Artinian with a symbolic gift from the Chinahay community.


The Consular Press Office

Consulate of the Republic of Armenia

41/5-7 Maneesap Building II,

Silom Soi 19, Silom Road,

Silom Sub-district, Bangrak,

Bangkok, 10500

Kingdom of Thailand



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