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Honorary Consul Mr. Arto Artinian’s Commemorative Message to The Armenian Community of Thailand

April 24, 2018

Sirely Hayer,

Today we mark the gravest day of our history, as we commemorate communally, the 103rd Remembrance Day of The Armenian Genocide of 1915, when a premeditated state plan was evilly executed by the leaders of the Ottoman Empire against its Armenian minority population.

Armenian Genocide Commorations

On this day, the whole Armenian nation; in Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenian Diaspora, bows to the mournful memory of its forefathers, paying tribute to their eternal sacrifice, vowing to persist to seek justice and restitution, as well as the International Recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

As descendants of those who miraculously survived the death marches and massacres, we have persevered, succeeded to build our new lives, homes, communities and citizenry at the four corners of the world, in the meantime, we have stayed united towards our common objectives and mindful of our national integrity.

Armenian Genocide Commorations

We should continue to preserve our identity because year after year, our combined resilience proves that the evil intentions of the genocide perpetrators failed and we survived to carry forth our national heritage. #Genolife2018

Concludingly, let us endure, and stay firm in our tenacity to strengthen our nascent statehood, the Republic of Armenia, our homeland which stands proudly as the symbol of the Armenian nation’s fortitude and revival.

#1915 #NeverAgain #WeRemember #WeDemand


Arto Artinian
Honorary Consul

Consulate of the Republic of Armenia
Kingdom of Thailand

Infolink: Armenian Genocide Museum Of America

Last modified: August 15, 2022

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